Dry vacuum cleaners

  • T 9/1 Bp

    T 9/1 Bp

    Compact tub vacuum cleaner with Li-Ion battery power and optional 240V mains power.
  • T 10/1 eco!efficiency

    T 10/1 eco!efficiency

    High value dry tub vacuum with low energy consumption.
  • T 10/1 Adv

    T 10/1 Adv

    High value tub vacuum cleaner designed for professional cleaners
  • T 12/1 Adv eco!efficiency

    T 12/1 Adv eco!efficiency

    The new Kärcher T 12/1 Eco!Efficiency is a highly efficient and quiet vacuum cleaner which is particularly interesting for contract cleaners, hotels and restaurants, offices, shops, hospitals as well as private households. The unit has a convenient step-on switch for ease of operation and features two back wheels and two front castors for maximum manoeuvrability. All together a powerful and robust middle class dry vacuum cleaner.
  • T 17/1 eco!efficiency

    T 17/1 eco!efficiency

    Powerful dry vacuum cleaner with large container capacity for extra long working intervals.
  • BV 5/1

    BV 5/1

    The new backpack vacuum cleaner BV 5/1 can be carried comfortably on the back like a rucksack above all because of its low weight of just 5.3 kg. The BV 5/1 is particularly used where it is too thight for conventional vacuum cleaners: Between seat rows of cinemas and theatres, in buses, trains and airplane cabs, in stairways of hotels and offices as well as in strongly transferred areas.
  • BV 5/1 Bp

    BV 5/1 Bp

    Lightweight and powerful backpack vacuum cleaner with Li-Ion battery power and optional 240V mains power

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