I - Connector

The I-connector perfectly connects two Kärcher Rain System™ hoses or soaker hoses, allowing you to extend your watering system and design a watering system bespoke to your garden.

I - Connector


The I-Connector connects two Kärcher Rain System™ hoses or soaker hoses together and allows for individual adjustment as required. The I-connector is ideal for connecting the soaker hose to the end of the Kärcher Rain System™ hose or connecting two Kärcher Rain System™ hoses together. The hose is extremely easy to install, without the use of tools. The hose is simply pushed onto the I-Connectors and fixed using a union nut. The Kärcher Rain System™ combines the advantages of micro-dripping and conventional watering. The highly efficient watering system works with up to 4 bar pressure, features a 1/2" hose with soaker and spray collars, can be individually adapted to almost any garden and works perfectly with the SensoTimer for needs-based watering control.

Additional Information

Current type /Ph No
Flow rate /l/h No
Pressure /bar /MPa No
Max. temperature °C No
Power Rating /kW / hp No
Consumption fuel oil (kg/h) No
Fuel Tank /l No
Dimensions (L x W x H) /mm No
High-pressure hose /m No
Frequency /Hz No
Voltage /V No
Spray lance /mm No
Detergent tank No

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