Timer Control Units/Timers

  • SensoTimer ST6 eco!ogic

    SensoTimer ST6 eco!ogic

    The intelligent SensoTimer ST6 eco!ogic watering computer is based on the water demand of plants and waters with humidity control using a radio sensor.
  • ST6 Duo eco!ogic

    ST6 Duo eco!ogic

    The SensoTimer ST6 Duo eco!ogic intelligent watering computer is geared to the water demand of plants and waters using humidity control with the help of 2 separate radio sensors.
  • Watering Unit WT 4.000

    Watering Unit WT 4.000

    Easily progammable watering unit for watering on demand. Watering starts and stops at preset time. With removable display. With tap adapter and pre-filter.
  • Rain sensor

    Rain sensor

    Rain sensor can be connected to water timers WU 60/49 and WU 90/72. The sensor measures the precipitation and adjusts the watering schedule accordingly.

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